Building a Business WITH God

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

An interview with Audrye McLeod on what it really looks like for Millennials or anyone for that matter, to build what you put your hands to with our loving Father.

Listen to me, Linda!!! You have got to tune into this AMAZING interview with my girlfriend, Audrye McLeod. She is one of the youngest millionaires in her company alongside her loving husband, James McLeod. They have taught me so much about leading with love, not giving up and continuing to rejoice in the journey.

What do you do when challenges arise? Audrye has faced a lot of challenges in her business over the past 6 years but she has a message for our generation on what to do when those challenges arise...

“When you're having opposition or when you're seeing or hitting a wall, breakthrough UNTIL you see it happen. Don't throw in the towel when things get challenging. You commit to yourself and say 'I feel like I am called to be a part of this and I am going to have breakthrough UNTIL' .”

I am telling you, our generation is going to be led by men and women like this who LOVE The Lord and don't give up on the things He invites us into. Things will not always be easy but when we embrace the journey it will produce character in us that is unshakeable.

Building With God

I love bringing Audrye into media because she carries so much energy and heart. I have seen her hear The Lord say "you can't do it like this anymore" and be obedient to Him... even if it meant losing things. We have got to run together and encourage one another to lean into The Lord as we run the race before us.

I hope you're encouraged by this incredible Women of God. Thank you, Audrye for your time and wisdom shared.

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