Humility with Kevin Tipps from Upper Room Dallas

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

What does it look like to walk in humility and what does it really mean?

Kevin Tipps is the campus pastor of Upper Room Dallas. He and his wife Bethany are parents to a precious boy, Ellis. They are living a life that is truly surrendered to Jesus. Kevin is a close friend of mine and shares on the value of humility. This video is thought provoking and I encourage you to watch it and comment below.

“I would define humility as knowing exactly whose you are which gives you confidence to know exactly who you are and who you are not so that you can become a servant.”

Kevin continues to share about the posture of our hearts and being okay with who you are not.

Benefits of Humility

I love this analogy Kevin gave... Many people think of humility as a virtue and it is a virtue but the truth is, if righteousness is a tree, then humility is the root system. Seeing God rightly, seeing ourselves rightly, and knowing that we need God to be God is the foundational place of knowing Him. God draws near to the humble and opposes the proud. Humility postures you for exaltation from The Lord. Practically, as I (Kevin) have humbled myself I have been exalted with people and places where I didn't work myself to. I could go on and on and on but I encourage you to watch this video... it's marvelous as well as the heart of this incredible leader, Kevin.

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