Wife, Mom and Entrepreneur with Morgan McFarlin

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

How on earth do we do it all, ladies?? Morgan is here to encourage all of us to keep the main things the main thing. Such wisdom in her and I can't wait for you to watch this!

This mama has it all and I say that because she truly has Jesus at the forefront of her body, soul and spirit. I am in awe of the wisdom she walks in.

I love this quote she shared...

“If you can align yourself with the Holy Spirit and put your husband first, your mom hood will become a lot better.”

Morgan McFarlin

I really am careful who I interview. It's important to me that I know they live and breath what they say they believe in and Morgan is one of those people. She discusses how she balances it all. With a supportive husband and a rooted relationship in Jesus I love the practical examples and advice she shares.

Morgan got married at 19 and has 3 incredible children with her loving husband, Jeff. When she became an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, she learned a lot about herself. She learned the value she brings to the world and the importance of surrounding herself with others who are advancing the kingdom of heaven in humility, power and love.

I believe this video is for every woman. Whether you're single, an entrepreneur, married with kids without kids.... holler holler holler and check out the video above.

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