Wonderworks Author, Naci Littlejohn

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Are you looking and searching or just plane unaware of books and activities that will help your children (and you) learn to hear the voice of God?

In this video you're going to hear testimonies of how amazing this book has been

not just kiddos but adults, too. Naci was the Children's pastor at two different churches, including Upper Room Dallas and has great experience, even as a mom of four, on how to equip our little saints with the FULL measure of Daddy God's goodness and gifts.

“There's nothing better than seeing your children hear the voice of God and YOU hearing the voice of God.”

She shares an amazing story about her and her son, Jude and how a conversation with him opened her heart and ears to the value of Daddy God speaking to him at a little age.

Hearing God's Voice

Naci is so encouraging for parents and grandparents and teachers to KNOW that God speaks to the little ones and it's important for us to stir the WONDER in each of them. This book is such a great resource to restore wonder in the hearts of God's children, whether a child or adult... how many times to I have to say this is for adults, too? haha Go grab a copy on AMAZON or Wonderworksbook.com.

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