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SET APART WOMEN podcast co-hosts Jamie Lyn and Candace are doing a free online mentorship to help encourage, empower and ignite a deep relationship with God that will transform other peoples lives. Do you want to dive all in? We are living in a time where we cannot afford to be lukewarm and must give our lives completely to Jesus and follow Him no matter the cost. We want to dive into this abundant life and the practical ways we can live this way together. CLICK HERE to reserve your spot for this FREE online course. Those who reserve a spot will receive an email each Monday with the private link to the online mentorship. Let's go!

Set Apart Living

Join us as Jamie Lyn's friend Brandi Belt teaches on the healing and miracles we can walk in today through Jesus. Brandi carries the miraculous power of God's presence with a passion to see her generation reached with the reality of the Gospel. She clearly communicates Biblical truth with the demonstration of the Kingdom of God through signs, wonders, and miracles. Brandi and her husband, John, founded Overflow Global Ministries and reside in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 


The zoom link will be emailed Monday to all who have participated in any mentorship Set Apart Women have hosted online or who register for free today.


We hope you're having a wonderful week and we cannot wait to join you Monday night to learn more about how we can experience the POWER of God through signs, wonders and miracles.

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