By sowing into these avenues monthly, it will help pay for all media expenses and also make room for these avenues of media to be done in more excellence. Our desire is to take the REAL gospel into the world through media and we need your help! 


This is what will happen as Jamie Lyn raises more support from people like you:

      - pay for editing and crew that is filming right now

     - hire others to help formulate more content for christians 

     - purchase equipment necessary to achieve the vision

     - create more shows for future networks for kids and adults that are life-giving

By being a Patron of all things media, you will have access to this tribe that no one else will. Gifts, discipleship and encouragement are three of Jamie Lyn's favorite things and you'll receive each of those depending on the tier level you support. We have created a monthly support level that every person could feel included in. 

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you're enjoying your week and that you are feeling blessed by all of this fun and creative content!!! 

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